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Lean manufacturing is a method that can be dated back to the early 20th century when assembly line manufacturing was invented. As competition intensified and inefficiencies in production became apparent, businesses began to explore ways to streamline processes and reduce waste, leading to the development of lean thinking.

At its core, lean manufacturing is about much more than just eliminating waste, it is about fostering a mindset of continuous improvement, empowering people, and cultivating leadership. Excellent businesses thrive not only on excellent processes but also on the dedication, innovation, and leadership of their people. This commitment to growing capability in individuals and organisations is what gets our teams out of bed each day, knowing we are contributing to a prosperous world. When employees thrive, businesses thrive, and our economy and communities thrive.


It’s a way of life

Lean empowers employees at all levels to identify inefficiencies and contribute to innovative solutions, empowering them to step up and lead. This approach not only enhances productivity and customer satisfaction but also fosters a more agile and responsive organisation. By streamlining processes and concentrating on value-added activities, businesses can gain a competitive edge, boost profitability, and ensure sustainable productivity in a constantly evolving market.


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“The Lean Hub have been instrumental in helping get our business to the next level. They work with our staff at their pace and at their level”

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“Leaders in our business have learnt to apply lean principles to better know their numbers. The impact in our business as a result has been dramatic and highly beneficial.”


I’d highly recommend anyone that has a growing business to use The Lean Hub as it far exceeds it value for money.


Transform your business with our signature Lean Improvement Programme, designed to streamline operations and optimise productivity, while building leadership from the ground up.

Join the many companies benefiting from this programme’s tools and methodologies, achieving sustainable growth and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

If you are based in NZ or Australia, you may also be eligible for funding to support its deployment.

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