NZQA CSP Level 3 – Lean Qualification

NZQA CSP Level 3 – Lean Qualification

NZQA CSP Level 3 – Lean Qualification

Course Snapshot

Title:  NZQA Competitive Systems & Practices (CSP) Level 3  –  NZQA website
Total Credits:  40                Duration:  6-7 months
Cost: Fully funded through TTAF (link)

What is the course about?

Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP) is a suite of qualifications designed to give people within your organisation the skills and knowledge they need to devise and implement more productive and competitive methods of working. These qualifications draw focus on improving systems and practices, reducing costs and waste, and increasing efficiencies. Cost and time savings add to your profit margin. The transformative outcomes of workplace CSP learning can be applied to any role, in any industry.

Courses from Lean Hub University are authorised by Competenz and NZQA


    When would you like to start (suggested)?

    What’s in it for your business?

    CSP is about learning to question existing methods and continuously looking for improvements. The beauty of on-the-job CSP learning is that the improvements your people discover are real and able to be implemented in your business immediately. Workplace-based CSP qualifications deliver increased profitability and sustainability (cost and waste reduction), as well as complementing and maintaining your people’s core skills at every level of your organisation.

    So, what are the benefits?

    Learner benefits

    • Receive on the job training
    • Learn at your own pace with our secure online video library
    • Earn a nationally recognized qualification that stays with you throughout your career
    • Save time and solve problems like an expert, find solutions and avoid future mistakes
    • Reduce waste in your day by learning efficient and consistent processes

    Company benefits

    • Improved staff culture
    • Increased staff engagement
    • Staff feel appreciated because you are investing in their future
    • Smarter workforce and less downtime
    • The six-month training course is fully funded under the Targeted
      Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF). Click here to learn more about the funding.

    What to expect?

    Each month’s time commitment involves about 1 hour per week of online learning (at your own pace) and 1 hour per week to complete the tasks and observation forms (on the job).

    Month 1

    Intro to LEAN & 5S

    Month 2

    Problem Solving

    Month 3

    Product & Process

    Month 4

    Quality Control & Assurance

    Month 5


    Month 6

    Change, Improve, Sustain

    Who is the Lean Hub?

    We are a team of operational efficiency and success mentors.  Lean Hub University was created as the teaching and training arm of The Lean Hub, which is one of the providers authorised by Competenz to carry out certain NZQA qualifications.  Our coaches are also qualified by Competenz as assessors to lead your employees through the course and determine competency. To learn more about The Lean Hub please visit our About page.

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